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PJ unveils new book tonight

In the absence of many good new fiction novels, a relatively new author Philip Johan “PJ” Odendaal will tonight unveil his amazing imaginations of a continent obliterated by mankind’s greed, and self-destructive imperialism. Titled “Rise of the Vaesons”, the science fiction work imagines a world where a nuclear war has raged on, and three centuries later, mankind struggle for existence, cancer threatening lives.

The only hope lies in a Muhacha tree (the only one known to be surviving), its by-products used to subdue the disease.
Hope seems to fade as the tree starts to die. It only takes bravery of Annie a researcher at the Cancer Cure Research Centre (CCRC), who is also custodian of Abraham — the Muhacha tree to restore hope to mankind.

This she does it by defying her superiors, journeying to the present day Africa with a crew of volunteers on a not so good fishing ship.

On the other side, the continent Annie and her crew are visiting, is a raging war amongst the Vaesons — a selected few amongst each group of animals who hold much strength, who are also the custodians of The Continent (Africa).

Mumbashe, once a lion who turns human after a magical encounter leads the group that seeks preservation, while Braul, his strong rival, who has sold his soul to the Snake seeks destruction.

The latter is aiding his master to corrupt Annie and her crew, allow their dark human nature to concur Africa and restart its destruction.

The book is an excellent version of a local super hero script, armed with great imagery, pregnant with relative local characters in form of animals most of which Zimbabweans can relate to.

It gives power to all creatures, big or small while reinforcing the fact that working together, great things can be achieved no matter the odds.

“Rise of the Vaesons” will be launched tonight at Bells Coffee Shop on Willowmead Lane, in Avondale in a triple event that includes an exhibition by popular local artists and music by South African based musician Josh Ansley.
Admission is 30 dollars including snacks and wine.

Philip Johan Odendaal was born in 1986 and grew up in Zimbabwe. He is the father of two boys.
He comes from farming stock and currently lives in Shamva with his family.

His love of nature and the bush have been the inspiration behind his books. The book is his second after a biography titled “Thrashed” which is available on Amazon.

source: the herald

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