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Welcome back to Zim’s Capital Market

Compliments of the new season! While 2018 was yet another memorable investment period with the launch of the new indices and C-Trade amongst other initiatives, 2019 is promising to be even more exciting.

As we welcome the new year, remember that setting financial goals for the year is certainly one of the most inevitable steps when dealing with personal finances.

In order to achieve those goals, saving and investment play a pivotal role.

Consequently, the biggest question as we start the new year is whether you have set aside enough savings for long term investments in order to safeguard your future financial well-being.

It’s high time you take advantage of the capital market as individuals, corporates and the Government and raise cheaper and long-term capital to meet your future financial obligations.

Remember, capital markets bring together borrowers in need of funding with creditors in search of returns on funds lent. As a result, the capital market serves as a platform to raise the much needed finance for:

Individuals with long term plans in mind including future college fees and early retirement

Corporates planning to retool their businesses and

Governments planning on infrastructural rehabilitation.

However, always remember to carry out careful research and keep up with economic trends around your investments for informed decision making.

Are you also aware that SECZ recently hosted some stakeholder engagement workshops on proposed amendments to market legislation as part of its market consultative process?

The amendments are aimed at promoting investor protection as well as aligning the market with the changing operating environment.

Remember, it’s your market and you are the market, therefore your comments to these amendments are most welcome.

Efforts are also underway towards inclusive participation of interested investors from all walks of life.

In light of all these developments, don’t be left out, come join the capital market family and be part of this exciting investment journey!

Source : The Herald

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