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EMA, partners in Green Schools competition

The Environmental Management Agency has entered into partnership with Action 24, UNICEF, and Mukuvisi Woodlands in conducting the Green Schools projects competition.

This is in line with EMA key core values of inclusivity in environmental management. Environmental concerns are rising and the education system is the key constituency which needs support and additional resources to help create a future generation that is equipped with the content, knowledge and the skills to lead efforts to sustainably utilise natural resources.

The Green Schools projects competition under the “Catch them young Programme” and it intends to promote children to apply the knowledge gained from the school curricular in solving practical environmental challenges being faced by their schools and community. The competition is open to all primary and secondary schools to undertake environmental projects as interventions to the environmental challenges within their school and immediate community.

Green Schools Competition Roll Out

The project targets and works with environmental clubs with the aim of incubating and stimulating climate action that leads children into living and leading sustainable green lifestyles. Clubs are supported to demonstrate their projects and ideas whilst greening the school. A total maximum of USD2, 500.00 will be awarded to 10 winning environmental clubs.

The program provides funding for schools to create environmental learning opportunities for students, teachers and communities around schools. The green schools program seeks to incubate and stimulate climate action that leads children into living and leading green styles by ‘‘Catching and leading green lifestyles with them young’’.

Beneath each assessment creation are points that are Technical Review committee will consider in determining how well your application meets that criterion. The project has tangible, measurable outcomes that will result in benefits for the environment

Students are involved in learning opportunities about environmental sustainability. The project delivers curriculum outcomes and is clearly linked to a range of Key Learning Areas. The project delivers sustainability outcomes and contributes to the school’s management plan. The project is actively supported by the school community and increases community knowledge and awareness of sustainability.

Types of Projects

The projects that are supported should run for a period of 12 calendar months. These projects could be related (but not limited) to addressing the following:

Climate Information such as installation and setting up of a weather station at the school

Renewable Energy such as construction of a mini-biogas digester, installation of solar powered technologies at the school,

Climate Change such as setting up of greenhouse, adopting Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices at the school, tree planting and nurseries

Water such as water use efficient, installing water efficient technologies like drip system, promote solar water powered systems, water quality monitoring.

Waste Management such as integrated Environmental management application of waste management principles, clean up initiatives

Cross-cutting such as organising events to commemorate and celebrate national and global calendar events such as World Environment Day, exchange visit trips between or among clubs or club members, organising environmental symposium

The deadline for submission of Application forms is 20 March 2019

How to apply Visit Action 24 website and download the Green Schools Application form www.action24regional.org/greenshools2019/application form.

The forms can also be accessed and submitted at EMA district and provincial offices around the country, Mukuvisi Woodlands Offices and Action 24 offices in Harare.

source:the herald

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