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Zimnat conducts Know Your Client campaign

Zimnat, is in an effort to serve its clients better, it is running a customer data collection campaign. The objective of the campaign is to update customer information.

Zimnat sees the importance of a business not only knowing its customers well, but understanding their needs throughout the business life-cycle.

Updated information allows the organisation to effectively contact clients whenever the need arises, ensuring that they are always up to date with any relevant changes or developments. It also allows for the creation of tailor-made solutions to ensure that clients are satisfied at all times.

In terms of the Money Laundering and Proceeds from Crime Act (Chapter 9:24), it is a requirement for organisations to obtain certain information about their customers and keep this information in their records.

Know Your Client or Know Your Customer, often simply referred to as KYC, is also a process being insisted on by regulators the world over, particularly in the banking and insurance sectors, to ensure that the identity of clients can be verified and to guard against possible instances of fraud or money laundering.

In light of this, Zimnat will also be running a “Know You Better campaign”, where clients can update their information on the Zimnat website (www.zimnat.co.zw ) or on the customer feedback tablets in its branches countrywide.

What is required in the current Zimnat KYC campaign is basic information that will assist in correctly identifying the client; namely the client’s first name or names and surname, mobile phone numbers, e-mail addresses and national identity card number.

It is easy for information gaps to occur. Sometimes a client may not have some of the information ready when applying for insurance or information may be captured incorrectly or be omitted.

Information can easily become outdated too as email addresses or mobile numbers are changed or added to. Surnames too may be changed through marriage, in the case of women, or through deed poll.

It is important, therefore, for information to be periodically updated or verified.

Zimnat hopes its clients will appreciate the importance of updating their information.

This will allow Zimnat to correctly identify clients in the event of a claim, for communication purposes as well as to enable Zimnat to comply with its statutory obligations in respect of KYC information.

source:the herald

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