Chief Maduna petitions Mnangagwa over Obert Mpofu


The Ndiweni clan, particularly Chief Nhlanhlayemangwe, has claimed that Mpofu is interfering in their affairs.

In a letter dated April 8, 2018 addressed to Mnangagwa, Chief Maduna said the 95-year-old widow of the late Senate paramount Ndebele Chief Khayisa Ndiweni requested that he summons Mpofu.

He said the summons followed disturbing comments Mpofu made on the chieftainship in an independent daily paper on April 4, 2018, while the President was in China.

“I was approached as the most senior and elderly chief from Matabeleland region and as a member of Amangwe clan composed of five Ndiweni chiefs and one Mafu chief. Mpofu has, on several occasions, issued some derogatory statements in the media concerning the late Chief Khayisa’s family, which the family feel has to be brought to an end,” Chief Maduna wrote.

“As you may be aware your Excellency, Mpofu is a nomad, who is trying to create his dynasty from Silobela to Jambezi to Umguza and is now tearing Chief Khayisa’s family, something which I have to stop. We have senior original Matabeleland politicians like Simon Khaya Moyo [and] Jacob Mudenda, who have never given us headaches as traditional leaders and never interfered with chieftainship issues . . .”

Chief Maduna claimed Mpofu was creating his dynasty by imposing most of his relatives as aspiring candidates, saying evidence could be seen in Matabeleland North CVs for Zanu PF candidates.

“This Robert Mugabe’s ever obedient son, who during operation restore legacy fired his father, cannot be trusted. Tomorrow, he will do the same to you when you fail to act now,” the letter read.

“He has successfully four times blocked installation of Chief Khayisa and I wonder his interests since he is not a member of Ndiweni clan . . . hence, my request for Mpofu to appear before my court.”

Chief Maduna, a member of National Chief’s Council, questioned why Chief Khayisa’s installation was halted when five chiefs — Chief Samambwa (Kwekwe), Chief Matsiwo (Mbire), Chief Mutendi (Midlands), Chief Ndanga (Masvingo), and Chief Marange (Mutare) — were installed without consulting the Chief’s Council.

The Ndiweni chieftainship wrangle pits sons of late Chief Khayisa Ndiweni, Nhlanhlayemangwe, who is currently acting, against his brother Thambo, who is based in the United Kingdom (UK).

Mpofu, in the article, insisted that Nhlanhlayemangwe was not the bona fide chief, as he resided in the UK for 40 years, but rushed back home to claim chieftainship after he heard that his father had died.

“. . . He is not a chief. He has not been anointed. I got a message from the real chief, his brother Thambo, who is in the UK. He is already talking to the Chief’s Council to say he should not be entertained.”

Maduna said Mpofu’s remarks would create animosity and serious fights within the Khayisa family and must be stopped.

The President is yet to respond to the letter.



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